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Diaper Rash Pictures, Remedies, Causes

Diaper rash occurs when a baby has a continuously wet or infrequently changed diaper. This rash is a form of dermatitis or inflamed skin and appears as patchwork of reddened bright skin. Diaper rash may also be caused by diarrhea and use of pants made of plastic to cover diapers.  Read More »

Shingles Rash

Shingles is a painful rash caused due to viral infection and which occurs anywhere on the body, but mostly on the torso. It predominantly appears as a single stripe of blisters that wraps around either side of the torso. Varicella-zoster virus which causes the chickenpox, also causes shingles rash. If a person had chickenpox, the inactive virus lies in nerve tissues near the spinal cord and brain which... 

Viral rash

Viral rashes are different from the common skin rashes that affect individuals and can be distinguished with the help of its major characteristics that are discussed below. Viral rash may have a similar appearance as other skin rashes, but a closer look and apt diagnosis is required to detect its presence. Most cases of viral rash point to an underlying infection that has resulted in the development... 

Strep Throat Rash – Pictures, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Strep throat rash is a symptom associated with an aggravated strep throat. Strep throat is a condition caused by the bacterium, Group A Beta Hemolytic Streptococcus bacterium (GABHS). When strep throat worsens, it may become Scarlet Fever with strep throat rash as the initial symptom of the disease.  Read More »

Lyme disease rash-Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Lyme disease rash which is also known as erythema migrans in medical terms is a peculiar rash on the skin that has a circular appearance. Lyme disease rash is caused due an infection by a bacterium termed as ‘spirochete’ and is often the first sign of a bacterial illness known as Lyme disease.  Read More »
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