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Rash All Over Body

A skin rash all over body can be very discomforting and annoying. Rashes significantly affect the look and texture of the skin. One of the common signs of skin rash all over body is generalized redness. The skin tends to become rough and very few smooth areas can be felt. Most cases of skin rashes are isolated to certain body parts like the back or the face. However, a skin rash all over body is a cause for worry and usually signifies a severe underlying condition.

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  • Heat rash: It is a condition characterized by the development of tiny, reddish bumps and blisters on the skin. It is caused due to blockage of the sweat ducts occurring underneath the skin. The body temperature rises when subjected to hot and humid conditions. Hence, perspiration occurs which cools down the body. Elevated levels of sweating can sometimes result in obstruction of the sweat glands. This prevents the sweat from evaporating to the skin’s surface and it gets trapped beneath the skin, resulting in a heat rash all over body. The condition tends to resolve on its own with a few self care measures that aid in decreasing the body temperature. Medical intervention is generally not required.
  • Chickenpox: It is a type of viral infection which results in blistering and an itchy skin rash all over body. The illness generally tends to affect children and is associated with symptoms such as fever, redness of the skin, headaches, distress and soreness of the throat. The blisters can also occur in the nasal passage and the oral cavity. It can be treated with medications and prevented by vaccination.
  • Tinea versicolor: It is a type of fungal infection that causes a skin rash all over body which does not itch. There may be blistering and discoloration of the skin. Such discolored, brownish or pale blotches often affect the back, but later spread to other parts of the body. Humid conditions and oily skin can facilitation the excessive growth of tinea versicolor, causing secondary infections. Even though the skin rashes all over body are non-itchy, elevated levels of perspiration can lead to itchiness. It is treated with antifungal medications
  • Measles: It is another cause of a discomforting, itchy skin rash all over body. It usually tends to appear during childhood and is identified by the development of reddish patches on the skin. Measles initially affects the ears and undergoes rapid growth to appear on all areas of the body, within one to two days. The skin rash may disappear on its own after a week. However, as it a contagious condition, care must be taken to prevent spread of the disease. The measles virus can also affect toddles and result in rash all over body. The itchiness can be tolerated, but there may be some distress.
  • Psoriasis: It is an inflammatory condition of the skin and joints. The skin cells in the patients have a tendency to rapidly reproduce, leading to an accumulation of cells which cause a skin rash all over body. It is a lifelong disorder with no cure. Aggravated cases of psoriasis result in reddish, inflamed lesions that are covered with whitish scales. It can even affect the scalp. The skin rash all over body and other symptoms are usually managed with topical steroids.
  • Allergic reactions: Intake of certain medications, supplements, etc. can result in an allergic reaction which leads to the development of a skin rash all over body. It is generally accompanied by the formation of hives which are elevated, itchy lumps and be quite distressing. They differ in size and shape and may elicit burning sensations. People can also suffer an allergic reaction to the chemicals present in skin care products. Additionally, individuals with food allergies, such as lactose intolerance, shellfish allergy, etc. can experience a skin rash all over body after the intake of dairy products and other allergic food items.
  • Eczema: The presence of a rash all over body may also signify an underlying case of eczema. It is a disorder that causes skin inflammation and itchiness. Children and infants are more commonly affected by eczema. Dry and scaly skin is clearly visible. Eczema may be caused due to contact of the skin with toxins, certain metals or with chemicals occurring in soaps, detergents, etc. Avoidance of such irritants can help in the prevention of this skin condition.
  • Shingles: It is caused due to infection by the varicella-zoster virus. It usually affects only certain parts of the body, but extreme cases of shingles can result in a rash all over body. Patients may initial feel skin pain, which is followed by the development of reddish rash in a stripe-like pattern. The condition mostly prevails for three weeks.


  • A case of rash all over body may indicate a mild skin infection, or a severe underling disease. Hence, all individuals who experience a rash all over body must visit a doctor for evaluation and treatment.
  • The treatment is aimed at finding out the cause and then managing and curing the associated symptoms.
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