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Rash on Back of Neck

Rash on back of neck is very common with toddlers and teenagers. The rash is usually dry, itchy and to some, even painful. The rash may be caused by irritation to certain factors like heat, clothing and too much exposure to the sun. However, in some rare cases, rashes can also be caused by serious diseases or infection. It is important to know the real origin of the rash on back of neck in order to give the appropriate remedy right away so as to prevent unwanted discomfort and embarrassment.

 Causes of Rash on Back of Neck

  • Sunburn

Overexposure to sun can damage the inner layer of the skin. Some skin cannot tolerate the sun’s ultraviolet rays resulting to irritation that would soon progress to a rash. If you take a walk under the heat of the sun without an umbrella or a hat, your neck could be irritated and rash could be found at the beck of the neck the next day.

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  • Food Allergy

A mild symptom for food allergy is a rash on back of neck. When a person eats something that contains an ingredient he is allergic to, a rash would appear on specific areas such as the neck minutes or hours after eating the allergen.

  • Drug Side Effects

There are people who cannot tolerate certain ingredients of some medicines. When a rash appears on the neck or the ears after taking in a certain drug, it is important to report it to the doctor promptly.

  • Irritation from unclean clothing

Some types of skin are very sensitive to foreign materials or microorganisms. There are individuals whose skin at the back of the neck get irritated when they wear soiled or dirty clothing.  This would later on form a rash.

Skin Disorders

  • Eczema – Eczema is a skin condition wherein an itchy rash appears due to factors like excessive sweating. This could materialize on any part of the body, however, in some cases, it is only located mainly on the neck.
  • Acne – This more commonly appears on the face. In some cases, it is restricted on the back of neck as well. Aside from pimples, an itchy rash would also become visible at back of the neck.
  • Dermatitis – Dermatitis is an uncomfortable skin disorder that causes an itchy sensation. The more you itch, the more swollen and inflamed it becomes. It can be situated at the back of the neck.
  • Psoriasis – This is a serious medical condition that is brought about by the abnormal growth or increase of cells of the skin. Some of its symptoms are rash on back of neck and pus filled blisters.


A rash on back of neck is not really a life threatening condition. However, it is important to address it immediately in order to prevent further discomfort and pain. The rash usually goes away in time, but topical creams and ointments such as corticosteroids would help speed up the healing process.  However, it is still best to seek professional medical help to accurately determine the cause of the rash so that the right treatment method can be employed, especially if the rash is persistent and is causing unwarranted discomfort.


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