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Red rash on face

As per the opinion of skin specialists, there are a number of reasons for the formation of red rash on face. In some types of skin disorders, red rash on face is an irregular or discontinuous symptom that occurs and fades in weeks or months. Red rash on face can also be a sign of an allergic reaction to certain substances such as pollen, certain drugs, dust, etc. Such allergic symptoms may indicate the presence of sun rash, eczema, hypersensitivity of the skin or contact dermatitis.

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  • A lot of women may have skin that is sensitive to the application of certain cosmetics and this may result in facial inflammation or formation of red spots which may become hard after a few days.
  • The presence of certain disorders such as poor circulation of blood, kidney problems, allergic and other types of skin complications can also lead to the development of red rash on face.
  • Excessive stress or allergic reactions to the consumption of certain medications can also result in red rash on face.

Symptoms of red rash on face

  • Most cases of red rash on face are indicative of an underlying skin disorder. Most of the symptoms of red rash on face show up as scaly patches or an abnormal reddish appearance of the face.
  • One can look into a mirror and analyze the red rash on face to facilitate its diagnosis. The appearance of a hard, round, non-scaly and red rash on face may point to a possible case of an insect bite.
  • On occasions, red rash on face may appear in the form of tiny bumps or pimples, which may eventually spread to certain other regions of the body such as the hands, neck and back. A chronic case of red rash on face, or one which occurs seasonally, needs to be checked by a health care provider or a dermatologist for effective treatment.

Treatment of red rash on face

  • The skin is the outermost layer of the body and is very vulnerable to infections, which may then transfer to other tissues. Hence, it is important to consult a doctor on all cases of red rash on face.
  • The dermatologist or skin specialist may verify the patients’ medical past, dietary habits, hobbies and the type of cosmetics used to arrive at a definite conclusion about the cause of red rash on face. A physical examination of the red rash on face will also be done.
  • The doctor may recommend the use of antiseptic soaps to clean the red rash on face. It is essential to continue using such soaps, till the condition clears.
  • In case the red rash on face is caused due to a bacterial infection, then the doctor may recommend the use of antibiotics to treat it. Antibiotic drugs are very effective in treating the condition. It is however important to verify whether one is allergic to a particular antibiotic or not.
  • One may reduce the itching and inflammation caused due to red rash on face, by the applications of topical corticosteroids prescribed by the doctor.
  • Women should avoid the use of cosmetics till the red rash on face is resolved, as its continued use may aggravate the problem.

A red rash on face can be very discomforting and cause a lot of physical and emotional problems. Hence it is important to consult a doctor for effective diagnosis and treatment of red rash on face.

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