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Scabies Rash

Scabies rash is very contagious skin condition caused by a small mite. The mite cannot be seen with the naked eye but through a magnifying glass or under a microscope. The mite requires a human host so that it can survive and this is why you find that it cannot live for more than 3 days without a human host. When it enters a human skin, it can survive up to a month. When in human skin, the mite lays... 
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Itchy Rash on Face

An itchy rash on face can be an annoyance as well as a source of embarrassment. Individuals who suffer from the problem describe it as a mix of crawling, burning and prickly sensations beneath the skin.¬† It can be persistent or intermittent, but is generally mild. The itchy rash develops on the surface of the skin as the body reacts to something that irritates the nerves underneath the skin, whether... 

Rash All Over Body

A skin rash all over body can be very discomforting and annoying. Rashes significantly affect the look and texture of the skin. One of the common signs of skin rash all over body is generalized redness. The skin tends to become rough and very few smooth areas can be felt. Most cases of skin rashes are isolated to certain body parts like the back or the face. However, a skin rash all over body is a... 

Pupps Rash – Pictures, Relief during Pregnancy

Pupps¬† rash is a chronic disease which affects women during pregnancy and results in a hive-like appearance of the skin. Medically, it is known as Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy or PUPPP and in the United Kingdom it is known as Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy or PEP. Pupps rash gives intense feeling of itching and a lot of discomfort to the mother. But pupps rash does not give,... 

Sweat Rash – Pictures, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Sweat rash is a skin disorder wherein intense itching and pricking sensation is felt, and which results in the formation of blisters or lumps. Children are more prone to get sweat rash, but adults are equally vulnerable under a hot and humid climate. Sweat rash is also called as prickly heat rash or miliaria. When the sweat ducts get blocked, the perspiration is trapped beneath the skin which results... 

Lamictal Rash – Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Lamictal is a type of anticonvulsant drug that is usually prescribed for stabilizing the mood in people affected by mood disorders such as bipolar disorder. The drug is also used to treat seizure disorders such as epilepsy.  Read More »

Stress rash pictures, symptoms, treatment, causes

The overall health of individuals can be severely affected by undue stress. Studies have tried to explain some of the causes of stress and the way it works. However, there are certain cases, instances and symptoms of stress that are as yet inexplicable. Stress rash in one such case that defies any medical or psychological explanation.  Read More »
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Tick Bite Rash, Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

A tick bite rash results from the bite of several different species of ticks. Ticks are microscopic in size like a pin head.  Read More »

Prickly heat rash – Pictures, Treatment, Symptoms, Causes

What is prickly heat rash? Prickly heat rash is a skin condition that results in the development of lumps or blisters and can cause prickly sensations or itching. Even though the condition is more common in infants and babies, it can affect adults too, particularly during and hot and humid conditions. Prickly heat rash is often referred to as miliaria.  Read More »
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