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Viral rash

Viral rashes are different from the common skin rashes that affect individuals and can be distinguished with the help of its major characteristics that are discussed below. Viral rash may have a similar appearance as other skin rashes, but a closer look and apt diagnosis is required to detect its presence. Most cases of viral rash point to an underlying infection that has resulted in the development of the viral rash. The cause of the infection has to be identified in order to effectively deal with resultant viral rash.

There are two types of viral rash, i.e. a regular viral rash that arises due to a viral infection of the body; and a post viral rash that occurs after the development of infection. A regular viral rash can be caused due to the presence of diseases such as measles and chicken pox. On the other hand, a post viral rash can arise even after the underlying condition has been treated.

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Most instances of post viral rash tend to disappear by themselves without any treatment. But in certain cases, the post viral rash may worsen with time and cause a lot of problems such as excessive redness, swelling, pain and other symptoms that accompany a viral rash. Hence, if individuals notice any symptoms of a viral rash, they should immediately consult a doctor instead of waiting for it to vanish without treatment; and thus prevent any aggravation of the skin condition.

Children are at greater vulnerability than adults to develop instances of viral rash. However, it does not imply that the formation of viral rash in grownups can be ruled out.

When individuals notice any symptoms of a viral rash, then the control of the viral infection should be of utmost priority. Most cases of viral rash indicate the presence of a viral infection and hence its prompt treatment will ensure that it does not cause further damage to the body.

Viral rash symptoms 

Even though viral rashes are similar in appearance to a number of other rashes, there are many characteristics that are unique to a viral rash. Such differences in the symptoms will help in the diagnosis of the accompanying viral infection and thus ensure that it is effectively treated.

Some of the signs and symptoms of a viral rash are discussed below:

  • The most common symptoms that accompany a visible viral rash on the body are headache and fever. A combination of the skin rashes and the other two common symptoms is a definite indication, that the rash is a type of viral rash caused due to infection by viruses.
  • A viral infection rash would also give rise to other symptoms such as increased irritability, loss of appetite and malaise or chills
  • Most of the individuals affected by viral rash may also experience ache of the muscles as well as pain in the abdomen.

Most of the above symptoms can be considered as general symptoms that accompany a case of viral rash. There are several specific symptoms that accompany each instance of viral rash, which point to the underlying cause of the viral rash. Some such causes of viral rash are discussed below.

Causes of viral rash

  • There are two different kinds of viral infections that result in the formation of a viral rash. They are skin infections caused due to a virus, and then there are other kinds of infections that may include a combination of viral and bacterial infections.
  • Measles and chickenpox are the most common forms of viral skin infections that can be easily identified as they elicit distinct symptoms and viral rashes on the skin. The second type of viral rash caused due to bacterial and viral infections include diseases such as viral hepatitis and scarlet fever
  • There are different and clear causes that result in the development of viral rashes, but most such causes have an underlying viral infection as the primary cause. Even though the viral rash itself is not harmful, the associated symptoms can lead to a number of health complications. Hence, it is essential to check for the presence of viral infections and their causes, when one experiences the aforementioned symptoms of viral rash. The symptoms assist in the correct diagnosis of the cause of viral rash which ultimately results in timely treatment of the condition.

Treatment of viral rash

Children are the ones who are most affected by instances of viral rash. Since they cannot take care of themselves, it is essential that their caregivers take all the correct steps to diagnose the underlying cause, when the children are affected by viral rash and then proceed with the relevant treatment of the condition that caused the viral rash.

All the symptoms that accompany the viral rash need to be discussed with the health care provider to arrive at a proper conclusion as to the cause of the viral rash.

Once the underlying cause of the viral infection is diagnosed, then the doctor will prescribe the necessary medications to treat the viral infection as well as the viral rash.

Viral rash pictures


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