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Stress rash pictures, symptoms, treatment, causes

The overall health of individuals can be severely affected by undue stress. Studies have tried to explain some of the causes of stress and the way it works. However, there are certain cases, instances and symptoms of stress that are as yet inexplicable. Stress rash in one such case that defies any medical or psychological explanation.

Individuals who visit a doctor to get treatment for skin rashes are more often than not surprised by inquiries about their mental state. Most of us do not associate the formation of skin rashes with mental stress, tension or extreme worries. Stress rash is not one of the common symptoms of excessive stress, but it should also be understood that there are some individuals who are at greater vulnerability to develop stress rash even with moderate or mild instances of stress

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Stress rash is visible in the form of itchy eruptions on the skin or hives. One does not know the formation mechanism of stress rash, but research indicates that deficiencies in the immunity levels lead to it. Histamine is an antibody that is secreted by the immune system during allergic reactions and is believed to the primary cause of stress rash.

Stress rash is generally accompanied by the dilation of the blood vessels and severe itching. Stress also leads to the aggravation of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis that are already present in individuals.

Individuals who are prone to constant and chronic stress generally tend to sweat excessively leading to a drop or disruption of the pH balance of the skin. This in turn leads to dry skin with increased sensitivity. The vicious cycle of skin afflictions then begins, continues and compounds as increased stress leads to the development of worsened skin conditions and stress rash, which in turn leads to increased levels of frustration and stress, resulting in further damage to the skin.

Individuals who are prone to frequent development of stress rash can follow a number of steps to prevent it by avoiding stress altogether. One of the best ways to avoid stress is to understand the fact that life and its events do not always work out as planned. An individual should view all situations objectively and learn to come to grips with unfavorable results. Situations and failures that induce excessive and undue stress should be treated as challenges that need to be overcome with effort and dedication. Additionally, there are several techniques that help an individual to effectively manage stress. Muscle and body relaxation techniques, yoga, aerobic exercises and meditation are some of the ways to prevent, relieve and cope with stress. Individuals can also adopt a healthier lifestyle that comprises of diet changes leading to a healthier body which increases the efficiency to effectively deal with anxious situations as well as relaxation of the mind by indulging and pursuing activities and hobbies that invigorate, revitalize and provide pleasure to the mental health of an individual.

Individuals should also remember that rashes are mostly caused as allergic reactions to food intake or to the environmental elements. Stress may not be the only reason for the development of rashes. Hence, it is essential that they visit a doctor or a dermatologist for evaluation and diagnosis of skin rashes.

Stress rash generally develops as a reaction to excessive stress. It is important to remember that no two individuals will react in the same way to stress. Additionally, it is important to verify the fact that the stress rashes or stress hives are caused due to stress or anxiety levels.

The health of individuals can be severely affected by stress, especially stress that is chronic, constant and on a daily basis. It is often difficult to link the various health problems directly to excessive stress, but it is a fact that it leads to poor health. Any lifestyle that is full of stress may eventually lead to several side effects such as cardiac difficulties, mental disorders as well as hypertension.

The formation of stress rash or stress hives is a negative reaction of the body to stress filled daily situations. Stress rash may be visible in the form of stress hives or welts that cover various parts of the body such as the abdomen, the back, the face, the arms and legs.

At the end of the day, a visit to a physician is absolutely essential when individuals develop skin conditions which may or may not be stress rash. A physician will be able to identify the cause of the hives, bumps or rashes on the skin as well as isolate any underlying serious medical conditions, if any. The doctor will usually conduct several tests that include testing for allergies before arriving at any conclusions or a diagnosis of the rashes. In case, the diagnosis is a stress rash, the doctor may recommend a visit to a psychotherapist. The doctor may also prescribe oral and topical medications to relieve itching and other symptoms of stress rash.

Stress Rash Pictures

Here are photos of stress rash on the skin


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